Thursday, July 30, 2009

I love-a da Larlen.

My BFF/ son's godmother/ cousin's future wife/ Lauren is gone. In FL, for a month.

Hmm. Selfish, I know, but I have no one to shop, drink smoothies and cream soda, and get giddy about Hanson with.

Our whole schedule is off. Zeke walks around saying, :I love a da Larlen, where'd Larlen go?" I mope, wishing for a girls night of Ben and Jerry's PHISH Food and some kind of Brad Pitt movie.. preferably Fight Club.

And so, we have realized- we including myself, my son, my husband and my cousin (Zeke's godfather)- Lauren balances everything. She chills, she listens, she makes us laugh. She's that one person in the group people take for granted, she's our buffer. Our comfy "hey let's hang out and drink wine coolers!" nerd.

I even found an email exchange between her and my hubby the other day:

Nick : "We miss you. PS- I'm glad you don't hate me anymore. Christina needs someone to remind her how much I love her."

Lauren: "I miss you guys too. And I'm glad you aren't a doucheb@g anymore!"


My only salvation is our planned girls night for the night she gets back in MD... oh, and that Hanson concert we're going to in October :)

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